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Technical Service

Muskaan make a big step in to help entrepreneurs establish commercially viable cashew processing plant and provide Installation and train farmers to process more raw cashew and get better cashew kernels. As a result, nearly 75+ factory workers and farmers are now earning higher incomes, it means that someone such as factory workers are now earning enough to pay his children’s school fees. These cashew processing factories creating job for hundreds of local residents, which is bringing cash into rural communities and turning them into commercial centers

Technical Service

Muskaan Group brings a new way of cashew nut processing by leveraging own cashew processing plants, resulting in Higher yield, lower power consumption, low cost of maintenance etc.

We provide turnkey and rapid deployment solution, the heart of cashew processing is a simple 8 - step Process.   


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Raw nuts graded as per size Graded Nuts are Steemed at High Pressure Steemed Nuts are dryed to make shells brittle Nuts are shelled and Kernels are scooped Kernels are Dryed to ease peeling Red Skin is seperated from white kernel Kernel are shorted as per color, weight and wholeness Kernel are packed in Inert CO2 and or N2 environment


Muskaan worked with a range of customers with different capacity of Cashew Processing Plant – including United Nations Projects – to develop a competitive cashew industry in African Cashew Growing countries as Benin, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast. The projects, completed yet is 75+, and our activity is to be engaged in organizing farmers into business groups, helping them to produce higher-quality cashew kernels and linking them to international markets.


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