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Cashew Kernels

A careful selection of technology coupled with adherence to the best processing practices has resulted in high quality kernel production at Muskaan Ghana.Our kernel are relatively more white and free from knife marks. We produce following grades of cashew kernel:

Cashew Kernels

Cashew Kernels are graded base on their size and weight. Kernels are also graded as per the wholeness i.e broken or wholes. Therefore based on colour and wholeness 4 major divisions are :

  • White : Wholes & Broken
  • Scorched: Wholes & Broken

These kernel are then further classified based on their individual weight. 

Cashew Kernels

Typically we produce following cashew Kernel grades:

DWDessert WholesKernels may be deep scorched, deep brown, Deep blue, speckled, dis-coloured and black spotted N.A BButtsWhite/pale ivory or light ash. Kernels broken cross-wise (evenly or unevenly) naturally attached N.A


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