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Cashew Nut Shells

Cashew nut shell liquid is a by-product of the cashew industry. The nut has a shell of about 1/8 inch thickness inside which is a soft honeycomb structure containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid. It is called the cashew nut shell liquid, which is the pericarp fluid of the cashew nut.

Cashew Shells

We produce large quantity of cashew shells as a by-product of our cashew processing.

Cashew Nut Shells are also used as solid fuel for boiler which generate steam for cashew processing plant. 

Cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) is a natural product that comes from the shell of the cashew, Anacardium occidentale L., found in the spongy pith of the nut. It has innumerable applications, such as friction linings, paints, laminating resins, rubber compounding resins, cashew cements, polyurethane based polymers, surfactants, epoxy resins, foundry chemicals, and intermediates for chemical industry.  It offers much scope and varied opportunities for the development of other tailor-made polymers. 



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