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Automatic Cashew Shelling Machines

Muskaan Manufactures both manual and automatic shelling machines, such as Hand and Hand Manual cutting machines Hand and Leg manual cutting machines Fully Automatic cashew shelling machines 25 Kg per hour Fully Automatic cashew shelling machines 100 Kg per hour

Auto Shelling Machine

Muskaan manual cutting machines having lots of advantages that’s make it best in the industry such as; minimum breakage, with maximum wholes, low maintenance and easy installation, easy to replace blades, suitable for different sizes of nuts.

Muskaan automatic shelling machines are carefully designed to reduce broken percentage. Shelling is designed based on stationary raw cashew nut and a simultaneous vertical and axial movement of blades.
Our Automatic shelling machine performs best with pre calibrated raw nuts, with proper adjustment of gap in between the blades for each size of RCN, broken percentage and uncut percentage reduce to a bare minimum level.

Since feeding and splitting is almost automatic, human contact with shells is minimum, thereby minimizing skin rashes and problems due to contact of skin with CNSL.

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