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Peeling Machine

Muskaan manufactures automatic peeling machines at its manufacturing facility in Rajasthan. We make automatic peeling machines with 125 and 250 per hour capacity. We provide complete machine with best screw compressors, Air dryers and air receivers.

Peeling Machine

Automatic Peeling Machines

Peeling is the most important section in cashew processing defining the quality of final product, requiring hygienic conditions and quick turnaround of large quantities of kernels.

Muskaan Automatic Peeling Machine provides cashew processors a hygienic working environment along with increased productivity. It is made up of integrated system used to peel cashew kernels of different origin.

Basic principle of this system is to Rub gently, blow away testa and separate kernels based on wholes and sizes. This is achieved in three different sections of this machine, supported with utilities like electricity and pressurized air.

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