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Cashew Peeling Machine

One of the most critical and sensitive equipment in cashew processing technology, handling fragile kernel with delicacy. Kernel fed into this machine are out of its natural protection of shells. Peeling operations is remove testa the red colour skin clinched to kernel. Its usually a tricky operation due to the fact that the nut itself is a kidney shaped nut, thus making it difficult to reach out to inner sides of kernel to remove testa. Nonetheless, Muskaan peeling machines are designed to met this challenge. Our peeling machines deliver high amounts of peeled nuts with least amount of broken kernel.

Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine

Automatic Peeling Machines
At Muskaan peeling machine, we have been to establish that delicate balance between peeled and broken percentage. Our machines address one of the most labour-intensive and time-consuming operation in cashew nut production. It is designed to remove the testa while preserving the integrity of the cashew kernels as a whole, ensuring that the product maintains its quality. Fully Automatic cashew kernel peeling machine in capacities from 50 Kg per hour to 500 Kg per hour

One of the standout features of the Muskaan Group Cashew Peeling Machine is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of cashew nut sizes and varieties, making it adaptable to the diverse needs of cashew processing businesses. Furthermore, the machine is user-friendly, reducing the need for specialized skills and extensive training for operators. This ease of use, combined with its high peeling efficiency, leads to significant labour savings and increased productivity for cashew processing companies. Overall, Muskaan’s Cashew Peeling Machine is a game-changer in the industry, streamlining the production process and contributing to the consistent quality of cashew products worldwide.

Our machines are operated for as long as 20 hours each day at many places. These machines are low on power consumption and maintenance. A PLC based highly optimizable machine delivers best peeling with minimum breakage. A PLC operation is also IoT ready for some highly demanding customers.

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