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Cashew Nut Dryer

Shelled kernels are dried before peeling in this equipment; Muskaan provides complete mechanical part of the system with civil drawings for onsite construction.  This is critical equipment for the performance in peeling section and the color of final kernels.

Cashew Nut Dryer

Muskaan Proposes 3 Numbers of dryers of 1,200 Kg capacity, a combination of these dryers are proposed to match capacity of the plant, with Trolleys and Trays. Highly efficient and reliable steam dryers and quick heating electrical dryers are widely used in the industry.

Drying Capacity - From 250 kg to 1,200 Kg per batch of Kernels per dryer
Drying Condition - Forced circulation of hot air, FD
Power Consumption - KVA 2 Hp
Power Supply - 415 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Operating Temperature - 85 oC 
Design Temperature - 110 oC
Initial Charge up Time - 20-30 Minutes
Material of Construction - Mild Steel, Class C, Schedule H pipes, Cast Steel, Aluminum, Insulation etc.
Insulation - Completely insulated unit, including doors.
Energy Savings - Closed secondary circuit with makeup of fresh air, automatic temperature control
Automation - Fully Automatic, Temperature control with solenoid valve.
Motors - All Standard Make of Motors like ABB / Siemens / Crompton / Ahlstrom
Accessories - Standard Dryer accessories like Temperature indicator, different valves, Piping and fittings, electrical fan, fire grill etc.
Standard Spares - Vee belts, Solenoid valve, Pipe fitting
Trolley - 1 to 4 Numbers
Treys - Aluminum 

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