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Roof Sheeting

Muskaan offers pre-painted sheeting is multi-layer coating system to ensure long life and optimum coating adherence. The steel substrate is hot dipped galvanized zinc or hot dipped zinc / aluminum coated. The surface of the metal coatings is then given a series of pre-treatments to ensure that they are completely clean.

Roof Sheeting

The available Options are Galvolume (bare or color coated) or Galvanised pre-painted sheets. Various color choices either solo or in combinations are available. These roofing solutions have excellent corrosion and weathering resistance thereby ensuring low maintenance and long durability of the roofing system.

Our Transparent sheets are high quality polycarbonate roofing sheet manufactured using virgin polycarbonate resins through the co-extrusion process. This process of quality raw materials ensures uniform thickness, excellent UV resistance, optimum strength and long life of the product.

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