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Boiler-Steam Generator

A Boiler is one of the most critical and important equipment in any industry, and more so in cashew Processing, where processes demand a consistent and reliable source of Steam. Our boiler are high quality manufactured, well tested equipment on safety and operations, certified by Indian Boiler regulations (IBR), for its safety and quality of material used. Different fuel options are available such as Coal, fire wood, cashew shells, RFO, Diesel, Gas etc.

Boiler-Steam Generator


IBR Certified Boilers 

Muskaan boiler cater to highly fluctuating steam loads of cooking, Drying and thermal shock operations in cashew processing factory. Steam is delivered with consistent pressure, free from moisture with in built higher capacity of steam storage.

Manual and automatic both operations are available as option in our boiler. As for fuel feeding, again both the options are available with automatic fuel feeding system as an attachment.

 Safety is rather important aspect in our boilers, all our boilers are equipped with three tier of safety devices, for example alarm for low water, high pressure automatic cut off, high pressure automatic release of steam and in extreme conditions a fusible device to protect the whole boiler.

 We have successfully delivered over 200 boilers thus far and some of our boilers are in operations for over 20 years with our customers in Africa.

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