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Boiler-Steam Generator

In this steaming process the boiler is the basic source to generate the steam. The available boiler size is very according to needed capacity like small boiler for small processing and upto 2 ton capacity boiler for a big capacity plant.

Boiler-Steam Generator


Graded Raw Cashews are cooked with Live steam for about 20 minutes. Cooking pressure and cooking timing are carefully controlled with auto controls.

Many variants are available with different degree of automation and capacities.

Steam cooking is the most adopted method as of now. Here the raw cashew nuts are cooked in a vessel for 20- 30 minutes using steam generated through the boiler (according to plant capacity required). Thereafter, it is cooled down at the room temperature for 18-24 hours. In this section, additionally we provide the raw cashew feeling station or ramp, feed elevator, screw conveyer to move the cooked raw cashew from cooker to cooling area, steel base structure for cooker. All these additional attachment are very according to need based and the batch size, extension of mechanization and space availability.


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