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Research & Development

At Muskaan, we recognize the need of sustainable development - our research hovers around the principles of sustainability, providing environmentally friendly solutions for a future-perfect world. Integrating some of the best available tools and technologies to deliver, reliable self sustained solutions ...

Research & Development

Chemical Engineering:
The Chemical Engineering is focused on Modeling and Simulation, Engineering solutions to common problems. Some of the key research programs include:

  • Efficient heat transfer system in a continuous processing technology
  • Solid-Solid Separation, gravity and bouyancy based designs

Process and Systems Engineering:

  • The core focus is to transform existing batch system into a continuous fully integrated system.
  • Adaption of IOT-IV into cashew industry

The effectively team utilizes feedback from clients and our own processing plants results to design, engineer, construct and operate cashew processing equipment. Our team has technological expertise for integrating the entire technological package including energy, effluent, and Utilities management. The team comprises experienced Chemical and Mechanical  and IT engineers.

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