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Global Presence

Muskaan has been in technology business for the past 25 years or more, during this long period we had the opportunity to work with many customers from all across cashew producing regions. For years together Muskaan supports its customers through an extensive after sales and service network. With Headquarters in Gurgaon, India, our 3 International offices are in Mozambique, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. The company's subsidiaries play a significant role in reaching out to our clients on local level.

Global Presence

Muskaan also has its own cashew processing facility based in Nsawkaw Ghana, where we have been processing raw cashew nuts for over 10 years. Our own processing keeps us updated with never ending challenges and demands of cashew processing technology.

Muskaan Group's global presence is a testament to its strong position and reputation in the field of machinery and equipment for the cashew processing industry. With a widespread footprint, the company has successfully expanded its reach to serve clients in numerous countries and regions. This global presence has been made possible through a combination of factors, including the quality and reliability of their products, a dedicated team of professionals, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Muskaan Group's global reach not only speaks to its ability to meet the diverse needs of cashew processing businesses around the world but also reflects its understanding of local market dynamics and regulatory requirements. By establishing a presence in various international markets, Muskaan Group has been able to offer localized support, training, and technical assistance to ensure the seamless operation of its machinery. This level of customer-centricity has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner for cashew processing companies on a global scale.

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