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MUSKAAN designs and manufactures plants for DRINKING and PROCESS WATER.Based on feed water analysis, appropriate set of equipment are integrated into a skid mounted system delivering high quality water. We are proud to take the challenges for the purification of all kind of Water, Surface Water, falls, Lakes, Ground water etc. for small to medium size of plants. We use different but the most modern technology to purify water, which could be RO, Softeners, Ozonators, UV, Sterile filtration, Micro Filtration etc. depending upon feed water analysis.

The aim of water treatment is to produce and maintain the consistent supply of water as per the desired specifications and as per its end use. Great emphasis is given to minimize initial and running cost. Water treatment involves physical, chemical and biological changes that transform raw water into potable water. Some of the typical industries are beverages, boiler feed, potable water bottling, industrial feed etc.

We undertake these projects on turnkey basis, specialising in the fields of water treatment, embracing environmental and chemical engineering applications.