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Cashew Nut Drying Machine / Hot chamber / Borma/ Oven / Cashew Dryer

Shelled kernels are dried before peeling in this equipment, Muskaan provides complete mechanical part of the system with civil drawings for onsite construction. This is critical equipment for the performance in peeling section and the colour of final kernels.

Musk Cashew Kernel Dryer is used for reducing the moisture content of the cashew kernel to a level required for removing the testa effectively. The drying system is made up of Door, Thermometer, Valves & Piping and Electric Starter Control Panel.

It is a technically superior dryer for drying cashew kernels, which is arrived at by regular research and experiments within the Muskaan. Every care has been taken for making it more efficient, reliable and long lasting drying equipment. It is designed to give constant temperatures with a standard flow of air inside the trolley room.

Our Dryers are designed for producing highly white kernel, ready to be peeled in automatic peeling machines or through manual peeling. Complete system is automatic temperature and time controlled equipment. Different capacities with varying degree of automation are available.

Specially designed hot chambers requiring no electricity no steam are also available as a part of cashew drying solutions