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Muskaan Tradex Pvt Ltd,
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Gurgaon, Haryana : 122001.
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Muskaan has established itself as one of the big players in the field of oil extracting plants by adding value to industry at every phase. It exemplifies in every stage right from the project study, cost analysis to the final outcome. Oil is a precious product with demand all over the global arena due to its multi usage. The consumption of oil is also very huge thus it has gained a thresh hold of rapidly growth revenue generating plant. Workings will almost all types of seeds like castor, cotton, soya, raeseed, mustard and groundnut it has positioned itself as an expert of oil extracting plant.

Our capacities in various stages of oil processing, like oil extraction, refinery, and solvent extraction units are exemplary. We are equipped with the cutting-edge technologies and we bring the best for the clients based in different regions like Africa, Middle East, USA, and Europe. Due to our quality and technically rich manpower we have been able to create a dynamic team of design and process engineers. By using the expertise collected from various nations and conducting study about materials to be processed, availability of resources and other variables, we are able to provide technical help, resources and all other related services to the clients at attractive rates. The company has established its after sales service centers to gratify the clients’ needs even after sales to develop a sense of oneness with the clients. Muskaan also offers additional services as per the needs of the clients, which may include packaging of different types, like bottles, plastic pouches, etc.

With its expanding network, it has executed projects worldwide. Due to international standard quality checks, procurement of raw materials from renowned vendors, processing conditions, product quality and packaging and storage capability, it has gained gallant position in the industry. Empowered by innovation, Muskaan is leading the industry with new product development.

Due to high capital investment and operating costs, Muskaan has been able to produce in larger scale and has enhanced the profitability at an accelerated rate. We always use the latest technology available in the market to reduce the time and labor involved in the processing .The plant is customized to meet the needs of wide array of consumers, located at place of prominence to procure material, adequate storage facilities, reduction in downtime and running costs.