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We use technology and equipment from a leading technology provider from India, a time tested and proven Steam roasting technology.

The whole process could be summarised into the following steps:

Where, raw cashew nuts are sorted as per the different sizes, easing further processing of nuts, especially for automatic plants.

Steaming and Roasting
Here, raw cashew nuts are steamed and cooked at high pressure, this process helps in softening the cashew shell and makes kernel less vulnerable to breakage.

Automatic Shelling
We use a combination of manual and automatic shelling at our Ghana facility.

Best cross flow dryers are used for drying kernel, resulting into very White kernel which are easy to peel.

Automatic Peeling
At Ghana, we use automatic peeling machines, which help us in increasing the hours of operations and standardise product quality.

Automatic Grading
Grading kernel manually is susceptible to each individual and his training and so on. We use a combination of manual and mechanised grading, so as to have a regular and standard end product. Depending on the buyers demand we grade our kernel up to 26 different grades.

Kernel are vacuum-packed to extract air and flush carbon dioxide making an inert atmosphere around the product. As a secondary packaging we use carton boxes to have 50 lbs product in each. Our equipment is capable of making 25 and 50 lb packing.