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Muskaan Tradex Pvt Ltd,
STS - 46, DLF Star Tower,
Silokhera, Sec - 30,
Gurgaon, Haryana : 122001.
Phone : +91 124 4215 611
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Muskaan follows stringent quality norms for our products. Apart from final quality check at packing, we also closely moniter product quality at verious in process stages. Out facility for Cashew kernel production is approved by Ghana board of Standards and is also registered with USFDA.

Our kernel are widely sold in US and EU markets, we have been regularly selling to some of the largest importers and retails in the world.

We ensure

  1. Adhering to AFI standards
  2. Moisture as per prescribed limits
  3. Low tolerance on mixing of different grades of kernel into each other

For each shipment the kernel are tested for export worthiness in a lab, thereafter a certificate from Ghana board of Standards is issued.

We are committed to conducting our business in ways that provide all personnel with a safe and healthy work environment. We have defined a rigorous set of operational controls to manage the known aspects and risks of our operations.

Full implementation of these controls will ensure that we are providing, a workplaces that meet highest standards on safety aspects.

We have a procedure of internal audit to help us ensure that we are effectively implementing our operational controls and management routines. Some of these controls include:

  1. Regular training to our production team combined with mock drills.
  2. No child labour policy.
  3. Proper signage is in place for directions on prevention and control.
  4. Fire-fighting equipment and hydrants are suitably placed.
  5. Well defined periodic preventive maintenance of equipment and utilities Structure, equipment, and electric writing in goodmaintained conditions.
  6. Adequate lighting work surfaces and in corridors.
  7. Non-slip floors
  8. Clearly marked exists
  9. Equipment supplied with necessary safety devices.
  10. Conveniently located emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and first-aid kits
  11. Smooth traffic patterns to avoid collisions between workers.

Muskaan recognises that good personal hygiene practices are the foundation for successful food safety and quality assurance.

Comprehensive personal hygiene programs, coupled with a top-down philosophy supporting sound sanitary practices are key in implementing best practices for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our Hygine Practices at Muskaan Ghana:

  1. Protective aprons or uniforms for workers with full hair masks are a standard practice
  2. A changing room for men and women
  3. Hand washing facility at all entry point to the processing area
  4. Clean toilets away from manufacturing area
  5. First aid section
  6. Smoking and eating is strictly prohibit inside the processing area
  7. Well ventilated facility preventing sweating

Ultimately, we believe that our employees want to be part of the food safety team; they want to do the right thing.